The Hovercam, Document cameras and scanner combined into one..

A new concept in visualisers for education, presentations, document management and web conferencing.  More than just a visualiser, the HoverCam scans, records audio and video, grades tests and functions as a webcam. It is the first high-resolution USB based document camera that delivers clear images, high performance and affordability in one compact, mobile package. The software runs on both PC and MAC.

The HoverCam for Education. The HoverCam is an easy to use visual presentation and instructional technology tool for classrooms. With fast, high resolution video, the HoverCam is a multi-functional, versatile visualiser for educators. It can even be used to scan papers, homework, articles and text books. Moreover, with GradeCentral™ software, the HoverCam can save teachers time by allowing them to grade their own quizzes and tests quickly.


Use it with a projector in class to show live, large screen images of documents, worksheets or 3-D objects.


HD video and sound can be recording directly to the computer with one click and archived or shared via e-mail or a central learning platform.


Each HoverCam is also a desktop scanner with specialised scanning software and OCR software, allowing you to crop and straighten images

  • Integration with Interactive Whiteboards: HoverCam works with interactive whiteboards from Promethean®,  SMART Technologies and others to show live video or captured images directly  in the whiteboard’s software. Use the IWB’s tools to draw and annotate directly over the HoverCam image.
  • PowerPoint® Integration: Show objects, texts and live video directly in a PowerPoint presentation with the HoverCam.
  • Distance Learning: HoverCam’s software allows remote peer-to-peer conferencing with another HoverCam user, or use the camera with Skype, WebEx or GoToMeeting to communicate more effectively online.  HoverCam allows picture-in-picture video so you can show an image of yourself simultaneously with material under the camera.
  • Compact Design: Weighing less than 1 kg., the HoverCam telescopes into a compact, portable camera. With such a small footprint, the HoverCam can be is an always available scanner or visualiser that sits right on your desktop.
  • Grade: Use HoverCam’s GradeCentral™ software to grade quizzes and tests. It allows teachers to save time compared to grading by hand and to receive results quickly, allowing quicker intervention if a student is having issues understanding concepts.